Small Footprint, Low Investment, Quick Results, Simple Operation

Dec 20, 2019

Insulation mortar mixer equipment is a kind of mixing equipment, which can meet the production needs of dry powder mortar, dry powder materials, dry powder adhesives, etc. with different performance requirements.

Insulation mortar mixer equipment can meet the production needs of dry powder mortar, dry powder materials, dry powder adhesives with different performance requirements, such as putty powder, dry powder coating, masonry mortar, plastering mortar, mortar required for insulation systems, decorative mortar, etc. All kinds of dry powder mortar; and has many advantages such as small footprint, low investment, quick results, simple operation and so on. The main equipment of the thermal insulation mortar mixer: Horizontal gravity-free mixer. The horizontal cylinder of the gravity-free mixer is equipped with two-axis rotating and reverse paddle blades. The paddle blades circulate in the axial and radial directions at a certain angle to stir The materials are mixed quickly and uniformly; in order to reduce the replacement cost of the consumable parts of the equipment, the paddle blade can be made into two pieces, and a movable small blade can be placed on the blade base, and the worn small blade can be replaced directly, economically and quickly; The form is generally a pneumatic (manual) flap valve, the arc valve is tightly embedded in the cylinder, flush with the inner wall of the cylinder, and there is no accumulation of materials and mixed dead angles. The discharge is clean and fast, and there is less residue. Performance characteristics of gravity-free mixer: The rotation speed of the reducer driving shaft and the structure of the blades will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, the differences in particle size and specific gravity of each material are ignored during the mixing process. The intense stirring movement shortens the time of one mixing, which is faster and more efficient. Even if the materials have differences in specific gravity and particle size, they can achieve a good mixing effect under the rapid and vigorous tossing and stirring of the staggered stirring blades.